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Architectural Design of Solution
The architecture of a technology solution is critical to its lasting success. If the architecture is incorrect, then a customer could face problems related to expansion or integration with other applications. We provide a long-term approach to architecture design after considering potential changes in technologies, standards, new products, industry trends, and business needs.

Infrastructure Design and Recommendation
We provide a detailed design outlining the technology required to meet a customer's complete information networking needs. First, we provide an overview of the proposed solution. This overview is followed by the technical specifications of the individual components of the Local Area Network, Campus Area Network and Wide Area Network, as well as, Internet access.

Network Security
We can provide a turnkey, tailored solution to protect a customer's valuable information from hackers who can infiltrate the network. Our tailored solutions provide a unique level of security according to specifications.

    LAN, MAN & WAN
    Indoor & Outdoor Wireless
    Data & Voice
    PBX / IP Telephony
    Network Security
    Storage - SAN / NAS / DAS
    Surveillance Solution
    Biometric & Access Card Solution
    Video Conferencing Solution

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